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Friday, September 5, 2014

Dragon Con Day 1

Well, Day One finally arrived. Okay, so I guess it wasn't really any slower than usual, but it certainly seemed like it, after waiting all year for this weekend to arrive. And I suppose you could say that Day One was more like Night One, as the activity was all Thursday night.

We had an ambitious schedule planned, and the kickoff was going to be the BAEN book launch. Two of my FAVORITE authors were going to be there - David Weber and John Ringo - to promote their latest works: David, A Call To Duty (Manticore Ascendant Book 1) with Timothy Zahn (you can find out more about it HERE ); John, Islands of Rage and Hope (the third book in the Black Tide Rising series, and that link is HERE ). Now, I'd already ordered John's book - and devoured it, almost in one sitting - but hadn't paid much attention to David's. Why? Well, though I do love the Honorverse, I find that I am most interested in the actual Honor Harrington books, as opposed to those which deal with backstory and supporting characters. However, this was an opportunity not to be missed.

I had come prepared, with my old copy of On Basilisk Station - battered and much loved - to show David; in the end, he deigned to sign it. Plus the copy of A Call To Duty which we had picked up.

We were there a couple hours, long enough to hear John speak at length about a range of subjects; then we went back to the hotel. Tomorrow would be a LONG day.
RMN fleet officer

Characters from John's GHOST series (Tamara and Kacey)

John Ringo, expounding (in kilt)

John, still expounding. Note the colors on the balloons? RMN colors

Random bunny in the Peachtree Center - I appreciated the beverage in the guitar

Jumanji in CVS

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