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Thursday, August 28, 2014

DragonCon Day 0

Back again - went off to World Of Coca-Cola and Hard Rock, figuring that today would be the time to do so.

Hard Rock - okay, the food is good, but it is way overpriced, IMHO.

World Of Coca-Cola is reasonably priced and entertaining; we spent an enjoyable two hours there. Regular admission is $16 but a kind Boise State fan had a text that allowed us to get in for $25/2, which was considerably better.

So here's a few pictures:

Panoramic in Hard Rock Atlanta


Not sure what this thing is

I wanted these as chef pants but, alas...

Another panoramic

Bet you didn't know vampires drank Coke! 

So. Santa is a product of the Coca-Col company

A dark era in Coke


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