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Thursday, August 28, 2014

DragonCon Day -1

Day -1?

Yes, or perhaps Day 0 - Registration Day.

Now, we haven't done DC lots - but I can tell you this: Today was the FASTEST line to pick up badges that we have seen (or are ever likely to see).  From the time we entered 'the line' to having the shiny badges fresh off the printer(!) it ended up taking less than five minutes. Yes. FIVE. Most of that time was taken rolling through the Mickey Mouse Maze (right behind John Ringo - who I recognized from the back with the ponytail and the Cruxshadows t-shirt, and managed to say hello to).

Anyway, five minutes. Maybe less.

We're in a new hotel - got a great rate six months ago, and we're all of two blocks away from the con.

Got all sorts of things going on - perhaps tonight is the beginning of Day 0 and we're still in Day -1. There's a DragonCon get-together for the hotel, and also a BAEN book launch.

TOMORROW, the insanity begins.

And one more photo - THE most awesome Fourth Doctor scarf we've seen so far!


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