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Friday, December 6, 2013

Interview With Lee Ryder

So tell us a little bit about yourself?
I’m a stay at home mom who loves to write in her spare time. That is when I’m not juggling my kids busy schedules hehehe I love music and vampires and am an avid fan of the walking dead. I also love musicals and am an accomplished musician and I love singing at the top of my lungs while driving. I also love to craft and make gifts for my family and friends.
Tell us about your book:
This is my debut book and has been a long time coming. This is my first foray into my own storyline and characters. I am a huge writer of fan fiction and poetry and my passion for writing sort of morphed from them. My story is about a girl named Jess who has survived a viral apocalypse that has claimed her entire family. It’s set in a world where everyone over 25 was killed by this virus that was brought on by heavy industrialization. Jess is surviving alone in a city where life on the street is made dangerous by rival gangs who are vying for control.
What is your favorite genre to write in?
When I started writing I thought I might write children’s stories, but I can’t draw and illustrators are expensive. So what happened was as my children grew I very much wanted to write stories for them. My kids like many of the books that I enjoy so I thought why not write a book for them. That’s when I decided to write in the Young Adult Genre.
Are any of your characters in the books like you?
Mollie is very much like me, however I’m not Irish. I have a bard’s heart and a poetic tongue just like Mollie. I also have a fiery temper and a wicked sense of humor like her.
What is your next book?
My next book will be the continuance of Jess’ journey. Right now I’m playing with titles and covers but I’ll be using the amazing cover artist I used for my first book. That is one thing I know for sure!
Can we get a sneak peek?
For each book in the series I’m going to start it with a bible verse that describes the state of affairs in the lives of our characters. The verse for Broken Earth is "The earth is utterly broken down, the earth is clean dissolved, and the earth is moved exceedingly. Isaiah 24:19 I liked this verse because the Earth has changed so much everything is broken down, there’s no governments and no fight for control like times are today. The verse I chose for book 2: But understand this that in the last days there will come times of difficult Timothy Verse 3 I liked this verse because things are going to become more difficult as the journey goes on. While the books are started with bible verses they are not religious centered, this is after the end of days and there is no organized religion.
Do you need special conditions to write?
With 2 teenagers and a preteen in the house NOPE I thrive on the chaos they create.
Are you a typer or longhand writer?
 I do both, whatever is handy at the time.
Who inspires you?
My kids, my mom, princess Diana, Mother Teresa, people fighting cancer, kids overcoming incredible odds. These are dear to my heart. There are so many nay sayers and negative people in the world. If we all took a minute and gave some love our world and humanity would be so very different.
Favorite authors?
Dean Koontz, John Saul, Hans Holzer, Daniel Cohen, John Jakes, Christy Sloat, Raebeth Mcgee-Buda There’s just so many. One of my favorite series is the species intervention series by JK Accinni
Authors who influence your writing?
There’s many authors who influence my writing. I’m touched by each book I read.
Quick Fires:
Favorite Holiday tradition?
Christmas eve with my parents going to church. Spending time with my family going “home for the holidays”
Is your christmas tree up?
Oh you mean the ball of tinsel and lights in my living room, yes the kids and I put up our Christmas tree and it is GLORIOUS!
Favorite color?
Favorite food?
Cheesecake, Swedish fish, chocolate ice cream, oreos, and those white middle caramels made by goetze’s But not all together that would be gross hehehe
Favorite writing snack?
Ritz club crackers
Favorite Song?
I have so many, Lady Gaga’s music, Doreen Taylor, John Lennon, Garth Brooks, The beatles, dr demento, I just have so many, I love all kinds of music except rap and metal.
Favorite vacation spot?
San Diego, California
Favorite beverage?
Sweet tea
Favorite Holiday song?
'I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas' and 'Dominic the Donkey'
Favorite Holiday?
Halloween and Christmas in that order
If you were a supernatural creature who would you be and why?I
Big fan of vampires, movies like twilight brought so many awesome people into my life.
Favorite books?
The Missing Persons League, The Brown House Series, The Light in the Attic (Shel Silverstein) The Tribe A New World, The North and South Series and Flowers in the Attic series.
Favorite Movies?
Twilight, Pirate Movie, North and South Movies any movie musical. If I had a list of them it would take up 2 or 3 days on your blog
Favorite TV Show?
The Blacklist, Criminal Minds, CSI, NCIS – Both NCIS serie,s Vampire Diaries, Reign, Ghost Adventures, Hawaii 5-0, Survivor, Walking Dead

Lee Ryder