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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dragon Con - Day 3 (Part 2)

Kathleen Coleman.
Wesley Eure.
Philip Paley.

Do any of you know these three people have in common?

*Jeopardy theme plays*

Time's up!

Holly Marshall, Will Marshall, and Cha-Ka.

Still no?

Sid & Marty Krofft.

Okay, okay.

Land of the Lost. Remember that??

Yeah, I thought so. But in case you didn't, well, here's a helpful link to the ENTIRE FIRST EPISODE. So you can relieve all the glory that was the series.

Anyways, the three young stars of the show were in a panel to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the show. Apparently, it was the first time all three had been together on stage since the series ended, but they had stayed in touch, stayed close. You could tell by the chemistry on stage, the way they were so obviously joyful to be back together.

The crowd, though small, appreciated it and was as enthusiastic as any I had seen.

L to R, Wesley, Kathleen, Philip (and a Sleestak head from the show)

And an unnamed Sleestak. He answered questions, but there wasn't a translator in the house.
And, of course, there was plenty of cosplay to be seen.
Guardians of the Galaxy

Always a soft spot for the Doctor

Now THAT'S a knife!

Our misunderstood friend, the Sleestak

These are the Imperials you're looking for!
Saturday night? That's the Georgia Aquarium. It's a chance to go, look at fish, and enjoy the cosplay. After a shower (totally necessary) we were dressed for the occasion as well - me as a sheriff from Eureka (NOT Jack Carter, I don't have the build!) and she went as a steampunk fallen angel.
No, no picture of me (I'm the one behind the camera).
Then, time for a couple hours in the Aquarium. I won't put up TOO many pictures, but enough so you get a sense.
Everybody do the NewTron Dance!


Genderbent Loki


Aquaman, looking very serious (great bubble into the aquarium, great for photo shoots like this)

Whale shark (one of four)

Beluga having fun

We found Nemo!

Every Mayo should be a Penguin!

Finally, we went to one more panel. This was one of the adult (late-night) panels, and it was HIGHLY disappointing. Why? Well, again, the panelists felt that they knew best and discussed what they wanted to, not staying on topic and being quite unprofessional. I know that this was an adult panel; I know that many of the panelists were coming from a Mixology panel and had sampled their products. Still, they ignored the moderator, strayed from the topic, promoted their own interests and generally disregarded the topic.

But that was the only low mark on a busy and fun day.

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