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Monday, September 8, 2014

Dragon Con - Day 3 (Part One)

Can it be day three ALREADY? we thought as we actually awoke to an alarm.
During DragonCon?
Why yes, actually - when you are marching in the viewed-by-100,000-people DragonCon Parade, it behooves you to actually, you know, show up on time and in costume.
So we did.
Yup, that's us, cosplaying as members of Wolf Squadron. That would be taken from John Ringo's Black Tide Rising series - post-infected-apocalypse world, very entertaining - and we were marching with BAEN Books. You could be any character you wanted, as long as it was from a BAEN book.
We had kukris and Nerf guns. Lots of fun - very hot, but a fairly easy walk. Alas, we don't have any more pictures from the parade - as we were marching! But I did take a few snaps BEFORE:

Go Speed Racer Go!


They put the Band back together!

No, not THAT band - this one was behind us. Pretty good too.
So then, after the parade, it was time for some panels! And rehydrating. And cooling off in the blessed, blessed Marriott air conditioning.
Then we wandered down to the Sheraton - unlike many other parade members, we were near the front (position #7), so we were able to start on time and even make the entire route in about 40 minutes. Thus we were able to get to the 11:30 panel, which was another Trek Track panel.

Jeri Ryan (with Garrett Wang, the director of the track)!

This looked to be a fun panel, as Jeri and Garrett performed together on Star Trek: Voyager, and so it proved. It was all Q&A - with a few fun stories. One of which, I will attempt to replicate here:

Garrett and Jeri were rehearsing what they called a 'walk and talk' - a scene where they are walking down the stage and talking about something. They reach the end of the scene and the director tells them, 'Cut! Return to one.' Translated, that means return to the first position to take another rehearsal.
According to Garrett, he reached out to take her elbow...but missed. And ended up grabbing her breast. Realizing that something was amiss, he looked down. So did she. He (said Jeri) turned several shades of red, gibbered, and spluttered 'I thought it was your elbow!' before dashing off to hide.
The director then called a break while they set for the shooting.
An hour later, Garrett returned to the set for filming. He arrived first. A few moments later, Jeri walked in. She had applied two post-it notes. One on her shoulder, pointing to her elbow, saying 'Elbow'. The other? Above her breast, saying 'Not an Elbow'.

Garrett turned red again on the panel.

One more tale from the panel - after the Elbow Story, Jeri fielded more questions from the audience. One of the questioners was dressed as Jeri's character (I suppose I should mention that she played a former Borg called Seven of Nine, and had the remains of Borg implants on her face,primarily above one eye) and had done a faithful recreation. After her question was answered, Garrett complimented her on the accuracy of her costume with, 'Nice implants.'
Everybody in the room knew what he had said. Jeri knew what he said. Garrett - a full heartbeat later - realized what he said, and DOVE under the table to hide.

Okay, last bit. On the way out, we went out a side door, near the stage. Garrett exited just ahead of us and, having met him before, I felt comfortable enough to tease him a bit: 'Garrett!' He turned. 'Not an elbow!' He grinned and continued on his way.
We were sitting far enough away that the best view was of the big screens (at least for photography)
Tomorrow - Day Three, Part Two (yes, it was a jam-packed day!)

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