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Thursday, June 30, 2011

An Update to The Kildaran

As you have no doubt realized, what is up here (currently) is NOT the entire book.  Why? you may ask.
A few reasons, really.
First, if this DOES get published, I don't necessarily want to spoil it for you.
Second, is a book ever truly finished before it's published?  The versions posted here, I'm happy with.  But that doesn't mean they're unchanging.
And Third, the book isn't done.

Well, you can take that third reason right off that list.  Two consecutive days off.  No kids.  I would say no distractions, but there's almost always something to rot your brain with on the TV, and if not, I have lots and lots of books. 205204 words.  50 chapters, plus a prologue and six interludes (and maybe a seventh yet to come).  720 pages.  Nine - no, wait, ten months.  And it's finally done.

The story is told, the Muse can go take a rest (for a little while).

Good night, all.


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