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Monday, June 27, 2011

Reading my Mail...

Okay, most recent first:
Nice catch on that, UCMJ is correct.  I've fixed it in my Master Copy of the novel.  Thanks!
No, this is the SECOND 'Prissy' Interlude - she's such a total bitch (I mean, assertive woman) that we felt she needed two tales.
This is intended as a sequel to John's work.  I've left enough time between the end of his last book and the beginning of this for many, many stories.  Plus, if he decides it's good enough to publish, he'll control 'where' it goes in the canon.
Yes, 1632 is the universe that actively encourages other authors to jump in - and John is sort of on the periphery of that whole thing.  So maybe he'll accept this.  That was definitely a thought in creating this story (though a minor one).
So thanks for the comments - keep them coming, I do read them and pay attention to them!


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