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Thursday, June 2, 2011


It is immensely gratifying to have people actually READ what you WRITE.  Thank you all!
So I'm putting up a list today that shows all the unique countries which have given us visitors since I posted the tracking widget about three/four weeks ago.  It's quite a variety!

United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Australia, Sweden, South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, India, Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Croatia, Lithuania, Belgium, France, and Norway!

Quite a list!  I am very pleased to have had Each and Every one of you visit!  THANKS!



  1. Just goes to show how many of us are badly in need of another Paladin of Shadows Fix! This will definitely do till the real thing comes around!

  2. Great Work. Thank You!!!

  3. I hope that John Ringo will just create a sequel to your work. :) Great Job. Hope he reads this

  4. Well, we're sorta the ones creating a sequel (and some) to John Ringo's work and in his Universe, hoping he buys it eventually and the sequels.