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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Off to visit - and more goodies!

So, I am off to visit another blog - if you want to see the interview, click HERE


Who wants another peek into A Desperate Gambit?

Kendra's awareness came back to her in a sudden rush, then ebbed almost as quickly.
Owww...” she moaned. She tried to reach her hand to her aching head, but found she couldn't move.
She tugged harder. Definitely tied down.
Okay. Let's try looking around.
Kendra opened her eyes – or one of them. Her left eye seemed to be stuck shut.
The light was dim, hardly above blackness but there. Turning her head to the limits, she could see bars surrounding her, but with just the one eye she couldn't tell if they were a foot or ten feet away. They looked solid, though.
Not good.
She wriggled her shoulders. A few inches' movement. Her torso didn't move, though, and now she became aware of the feeling of coarse rope against her skin.
As various parts of her body checked in it seemed that there was an awful lot of skin reporting being uncovered.
Way not good, she thought, remembering where she was. Oh shit.
In a few moments she had built up as coherent a picture as she could manage. She was tied to a hard wooden chair. Her wrists were tied to each other; another rope was around her midriff and arms; a third wrapped two or three times over her thighs to the seat of the chair; and each leg was tied to the chair leg in two places, at the knee and again at the ankle. Whoever had done this to her was skilled; she couldn't find any slightest movement in her bonds.
She felt her hair dangling down her back and over her chest. Now I wish I'd gotten these bangs cut!
And she was naked. Completely.
A dull murmur of voices was present in the background though she couldn't make out any individual voices.
Ideas. Think think think! Dammit!
Calm. Okay. You're tied down, naked, in a cage, with voices. What does that mean?
Nothing good.
What did Gary say about Williamson? No, not Williamson. Junior!
I am so frakked.

 That's all you get - until next time!


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