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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hey, Look!


So, the title is Cruise Quarters, by Cara and Ray Bertoia.  Full disclosure - I won this from Mysti Parker's 20,000th Hit Giveaway ( and would never have picked it up otherwise.  That said...

It's a fun read.  Light and well-paced, I zipped through it in a little less than a day.  It tells the story of Sarah Seldon, an American dealer in a casino on a cruise ship, and Paul Campbell, a British dealer brought into the same casino.  Essentially, it's a romance, with most of the usual glop left out (sorry, not a romance fan).  What you're left with is the evolution of their relationship over about a six-month period, set against the backdrop of the cruise around various Caribbean and South American ports.

It feels autobiographical, which isn't a bad thing - we're always told to write what we know.

My quibbles?  The copy I got was a proof copy, so some technical errors (no numbering of the chapters, pages unjustified, and the spine fell apart as I read it).  But no problems with the writing itself.

Overall, let's say this is a 4 out of 5.  Definitely worth a read on a relaxing summer's day.

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