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Monday, April 9, 2012

A New Story

No, Not about Mike.  Or Katrina.  Or any of the other characters.  #SadTrombone

However, Dick and I are revving up to work on a new concept, one which might (MIGHT) actually be suitable for publication, and not just online.  More about that when we have more written.

No, this is a story I've been noodling around in my head for about a month, percolating.  Today, it was finally ready to serve, and despite being somewhat sleep-deprived (my own bloody fault; I stayed up, watched Ghostbusters, and totally forgot about the bread dough I was supposed to bake), I've gotten it done.  Well, at least the first run.

Let me know how it reads.  And I know some of the spelling is irregular, but it's period-specific spelling.  Saying more would cause me to say SPOILERS!

Anyway.  Enjoy.  Email as always to


UPDATE 9-2-12

This story is NO LONGER AVAILABLE here - please go to and look for it there (Sherlock Holmes and The Case of the Missing Date).


  1. i want a revision bad a new or rewritten interlude at the end that shows what happens when the major tries to blackmail mike and what he does to her because all it did was told she got on a plane then nothing but a little mention at the back of the book

  2. she doesn't try to blackmail Mike. That would be playing her hand. Her revenge is a redhead's, complicated and potentially lethal on the pain scale.
    The snippets with the major (Prissy) are basically teasers for Paint It Black.
    Not gonna explain more, or her and Buckley's fate.