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Thursday, February 23, 2012

If you want the entire text of the novel... on!

Okay.  Some official, legalese here.  These characters were created by John Ringo and, as such, remain his intellectual property.  They are used here with his consent BUT cannot - CANNOT - be used for profit!  In other words, read it, enjoy it, share it (Share and Enjoy!(TM) ) but do NOT sell it!

That being said.

If you want a copy of the complete novel, send an email to  I will respond to them all once a week.

IF you have put together a Kindle (mobi) or epub version of The Kildaran - send an email as well.  There have been changes to the text (slight) - and it might make your life easier if I sent you the original, not-broken-into-snippets copy.  Also, if you have an idea for a cover - or can put one together - send that along.  My thinking is, Katrina with her favorite M-4 - but what do YOU think?

Give me a couple weeks to get this all up and running, and we'll get you your fixes.



Now available (3.7) in RTF, EPUB, and MOBI formats - please specify in your email which you prefer!

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