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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Doctor Who/Amazing Stories cross-pollination

Hey Dan, could you help Lewis out with his radio show that airs on Fridays at 8 PM? He's looking for people to record audio responses to three questions about Doctor Who and email him the mp3 files for an upcoming segment. Thanks. I know he'd appreciate it if you and a few of your scifi lovin' friends helped him out with this.

What do you think of Peter Capaldi, the actor chosen to play the new Doctor?

What would you like to see happen on Doctor Who this upcoming season?

The Doctor has almost used up all of his regenerations. What do you think will happen when he's used up the very last one?

Get your answers in by October 7 at midnight Eastern Time. 


Get in touch with Dan Berger from Foes of Reality if you are interested -

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