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Monday, August 26, 2013

Interview with Cass & Ken

Hello and welcome back!

We have a special treat for you today. By special arrangement with the Time Corps, we have managed to secure an interview with Kendra Foster-Briggs and Aiyana Cassidy -

[Aiyana interrupts] That's Aiyana Cassidy Foster-Briggs, and Kendra Foster-Briggs Cassidy. We exchanged surnames at our wedding. YOU of all people -

Yes, well, for convenience - never mind. Okay, Aiyana, let's start this off with a simple question. What is quantum teleportation?

AC: [laughs] Simple, eh?  You do have a gift for understatement!
TK: It is the root of the entire saga, though, isn't it?
AC: I suppose it is. Okay. Simple version. [looks thoughtful] Damn. Simple question, ha! Did you know that the penalty for violation of of Time Corps policies? They STRAND YOU in that time period! Now, that would be fine for Kendra, but -
KFB: Oh hells yes! Girl, this is AMAZING! I love the early 21st century - such a vibrant time!
AC: It is certainly, um, active.
KFB: Did you know I can get a brand new - BRAND NEW! - Veyron here and now?
AC: And how do you think you'll get it back?
KFB: You're the physicist! [pokes Cass]
TK: Okay, okay, maybe a relationship question then while Aiyana thinks. How did you two meet?
KFB: How does anyone meet? It was school. I sat next to her for, what, four years?
AC: [distracted] Thereabouts.
KFB: Ah, she's thinking. Anyhow. Yeah, we were inseparable.My family life wasn't the greatest, you know? So I spent lots of time at Cass' place. Her folks were good to me, really understanding.
TK: So you were sweethearts then?
KFB: Oh no! [giggles] I had the biggest crush on - well, I guess it doesn't matter now who. But he was just the sexiest man I could imagine. [shakes head] No, we weren't an item or anything. A few dates, you know, when we were between boyfriends. Nothing serious, though.
TK: Oh.
AC: Simply put, quantum teleportation is a way to get the exact information about atoms from point A to point B by precisely scanning and measuring their state.
TK: Um, what?
AC: [sighs] If you are able to get a precise enough reading of the state of an atom or atoms, then that information can be transmitted to another location.
TK: But that's information, not atoms, isn't it? And how precise is precise?
AC: That's the issue, right. It has to be incredibly precise for the system to work.
KFB: That's her genius, though, she figured out that she could use some of the equipment at her former employer - do I have to say the name?
TK: I will. Heavy Lift Corporation, and they were in the business of putting satellites and other stuff into orbit.
KFB: Them. So Cass took - what was it?
AC: A gas-ion krypton laser.
KFB: Right, that. And she did something clever to it and made it focus tightly enough to get the level of detail needed to replicate living beings.
AC: Theoretically!
KFB: I really hate it when you use that word. Besides, it worked, didn't it?
TK: Whoa, wait - what do you mean, it worked?
[Cass and Ken exchange a look]
AC: We haven't gotten that far yet, have we?
KFB: Not yet, no. Damn, Spoilers. Forget we said that, okay?
TK: I can try - but teleportation!
AC: The biggest problem is that when you do a quantum scan of an object, you annihilate the object. So if you miss data -
KFB: The frog ends up missing legs.
TK: Frog?
KFB: Read your book. It's in there.
TK: [totally confused] Riiight. Okay, then. We're almost out of time - what's next for Cass and Ken?
AC: What did Ken say? Spoilers? We can't TELL you!
TK: So where can people in this time read about you?
KFB: The first two installments are out now, you can get them electronically for a device called the, what, was it, sparker? Igniter?
AC: Kindle!
KFB: Kindle, yeah! They're called Run Like Hell and A Deadly Quest.
AC: Don't forget the print versions!
KFB: Yeah, imagine that - an old-fashioned, printed book! Anyways, those are available too, through either, um, help me out Cass?
AC: Amazon and Createspace.
KFB: Right. Them. And you've gotten our notes, right? The third volume?
TK: Yes, I have, I'm working on it.
KFB: You'd best get moving. What are you going to call it?
TK: Right now? A Desperate Gambit.
AC: [considering] Not bad.
TK: Well - thank you both for coming by. I know it wasn't easy to arrange. Maybe we can do it again sometime?
KFB: Only if you promise to take us to Vegas!

Tune in again soon - and don't forget, Run Like Hell and A Deadly Quest are both available for Kindle and in trade paperback from Amazon!

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