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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday Rambling

Like most writers, writing is not what I do to earn a living.

I know, I know, it shocks me too, but, you know?  It's not that bad.

I work two jobs, volunteer with Scouts, and generally try to help keep our unruly brood in check.  This all combines to keep me busy.

One job is your typically mundane job - in a restaurant (talk about your stereotypes!).

The other job is much more interesting.  It gets me out and talking with a wide variety of people, or at least as wide a variety as you can find in Maine.  I get to listen to LOTS of talk radio.  And then, once in a while, I come across a scene like this (Not this ACTUAL scene, but you get the idea) and my reaction is, BONUS!

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