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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

REFUGE has arisen!

The newest story of mine - which, in many ways, is my oldest story - is finally finished, polished, and available!

So there's a story behind the story... Wanna hear it?
About 20 years ago, I was living in Indiana, and I get this idea.  Remember, this is the early 90's, and Anne Rice's vampire stories are big (though I'll admit, I struggled to read part of one).  Ah-ha!  I can write; I'll write a story about a vampire...
No, TWO vampires...
A RACE of vampires - TWO RACES!  YES!  Living side-by-side with humans and trying to kill EACH OTHER! 
Wait.  Too big.  Okay, make that background, and narrow the focus back down.  Two vampires, and they're about to get caught, but they have a plan.  Yeah! 

Now, imagine this on an old computer - like, a 286 processor.  Floppy disk, 3 1/2".  Over a few days? weeks?  Who knows, at this point!  I get it written.  Send it off to various magazines as an act of PUREST optimism.  Nothing.  Well, one "thanks for your submission but it doesn't suit our needs at this time.."

Put away for a while.  Couple years later, rediscover, dust off, do a little cleanup.  Go down to the local office supply place, get it photocopied and bound.  My first 'book' - Oh yeah.

Lose it again.  For 10 years!  Find it - luck, pure luck - and re-read.  I WROTE this?  Okay, really rough.  Clean it up, save it.  Lose it AGAIN - finally lock onto it and do one more revision.  NOW I'm happy.

So there you go. 

Go check it out, willya?  If nothing else, it's a look into the past.

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