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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Just a couple updates...

There IS a complete version of the text available for you (by request) - send an email to, and I'll get a copy back to you.  Please be patient, it might take me up to two weeks to respond as the tablet I use does NOT hold a transmittable copy of the book.  Please specify if you can use the MOBI (a/k/a Kindle) format or need the RTF format.  My ePub version, alas, seems to have decided to take the summer off - but the RTF can be converted BY YOU into just about any format.

Also, we have (through this contact and that) managed to get a copy of the complete, REVISED work into John's hands.  Well, computer.  So keep your fingers crossed!



  1. What about posting The Kildaran to this website for visitors to download?

  2. A couple reasons why I won't post the entire thing to the blog (en bloc, as it were).
    First, it's fricking huge! The MS runs 240,000 words and 782 pages in its current formatting. That's a LOT to cut & paste, no?
    Second, I want to know (personally) who's interested enough to email and ask for a copy. So far, that's well over 200 people, which just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.
    Finally, IF John decides that this is good enough for him to take into the Paladin of Shadows canon, I'll have to take the chapters down - can't give away a book that we'd be selling, right? So IF I can control who has a complete copy (of the most updated version), I can also email them and say, "Hey, don't do anything with that." And the lawyers (yech) can also do that, should the need arise.