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Friday, September 2, 2011

Reading My Mail (September)

Hello Constant Reader!

Love the comments, love the feedback - and I DO read them all and think about them!

From the most recent on back:

1) Regarding Prissy's age: it was very deliberate, choosing 29 instead of a more 'realistic' age.  Basically, she's slept her way up the ranks, stolen other people's work to get recognition, and basically done whatever it took to get where she is.  NO, a real, legitimate, honorable NG officer wouldn't be that rank, that young.  But then again, she's none of these things.
2) Are you SURE Kurt is done and digested?
3) In case anyone's had trouble - I posted 42 when I posted 41 but ONLY mentioned 41.  That was a little surprise for everyone - but the Chapter headings are kinda subtle.  I've changed the post to reflect that both chapters are there.
4) Thanks for the fix on the EOB from the Monument!  Was trying to go from maps and memories!  Have fixed it in the running copy.
5) The Auto-Doc is within current tech - and John introduced it in Unto the Breach (we just named it).  As for the bio-chips - well, maybe a little bit ahead of the curve.  But who knows what the mad scientists in Langley (or wherever the Hospital is) have up their sleeves!  Yes, we did consider these points - and I have tried my best to rein in my co's enthusiasm for REALLY outre stuff - but it's supposed to be cutting edge.
6) The GenetixSeeds bit HAS BEEN MOVED to Chapter 1 (though, again, only in my Running Copy, not in the posts).  The way it works is I wrote the book, then have sent it to Dick.  He reads, edits, adds - and he has some BRILLIANT stuff! - and sends it back.  If I think it works, I edit it in.  If not, it ends up in the archive (throw something out?  Are you kidding?).  If Dick really feels strongly, we talk about it, and sometimes he sways me, other times I sway him.  Partnership.  The GS bit was simply too good not to use - and that chapter was where his Muse struck.  But it's better where it is now.
7) Hello Spain!

I think that about does it for today.  As always, thanks for the feedback and keep reading!  There aren't too many chapters left - but it's a hell of a ride!


1 comment:

  1. Steve -

    While I agree about the auto-guns (something I'vetried to keep OUT of the story though it seemed I missed a reference, BTW, despite strenuous protests from other quarters - ah, found it - there are NO manjacks in the valley, Vanner WANTS to get some for perimeter defense)...

    Vanner has been seeding retrans and sensor boxes all throughout the valley from Choosers. The twists this iteration - the addition of a bit of C4 - mainly for self-destruct purposes, but doubles as a smallish mine - and the actual sensors - are just the kind of things that Vanner would use. Remember, too, that this is 18 months later than Deeper Blue, and there was a nasty little Russo-Georgian war in the interval right in the area the Valley would be. I think that the Kildar would be feeling just a little pressed, yes?

    And the auto-doc (a name I don't like but haven't been able to improve on yet) - the feature I added to it was a respirator - off-the-shelf tech. Just combined with the AED to make a single unit. Found the reference early in the manuscript and it now reflects that - monitors vitals, does CPR, and defibrilates. Period.

    Thanks for the nits!