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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Reading My Mail (again)

 Okay, so for some reason your comments AREN'T appearing on the side of the blog.  Don't know why. 

Good news: I still see them, and a copy is emailed to me so I read them there.  In reverse order (most recent first), here are some replies:

- CSW is not exactly my kind of music; however, it does grow on you, and I find the lyrics very interesting.

- Got to remember that Shota is off on another mission during the book.  Where?  Well, when Dick and I get around to writing Paint It Black you'll find out.

- JR is not opposed to it; however, he hasn't given his blessing.  He has his own plans for the series.  (We hope to change his mind.)

- This would NOT be Kildar #6 - simply because of the extended period between A Deeper Blue and The Kildaran (18 months, +/-).  There was the whole Russian-Georgian war to deal with, plus who knows what else.  IF this one is accepted by JR, it'll be #9 (perhaps).  That also explains why I'm using nuke, beyond my desire to make this as factual as possible.  (Personal bias, I want a thriller to be based in REALITY instead of FANTASY.  Obviously, there has to be SOME element of fantasy, otherwise it's not fiction, but you can minimize that.)

- Finally, on trading stealth for speed: they HAD stealth and NEEDED speed, hence the formation.

That's all for now.  Keep reading and keep those comments coming!


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