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Sunday, May 22, 2011

NOT a chapter... An appeal

Okay, so Dick and I hope that you're enjoying the chapters. Really, we do! =) It is terribly gratifying to see people reading - and responding - to what you have written.

But now I have a request.

(No, it won't hurt, and no, it doesn't involve money.)

IF you have been inspired by the story, and have an artistic bent, we'd love to hear from you. We'd like to have illustrations - you choose what you want to do - for each chapter. So, an example, the first chapter, Mike sitting on a balcony sipping a drink, looking over the valley below. Or Katrina, framed in the doorway.

Whatever inspires or moves you, go for it.

Pen, pencil, paint, electronic - no matter, if you can get it emailed, we'd love to see it. is the address.

We promise to look at everything we get. And don't despair - so far, there are 44 chapters and 5 Interludes (with two more to go) - so send another!

Thanks, and we'll keep the chapters coming!

Adam & Dick


  1. I think you're getting it down better and better as the novel moves on. The first couple chapters seem a bit disjointed but the later ones flow much better. I like how you're taking this and hope it continues.

    Keep up the good work,


  2. I hope by now you've managed to clear this with John... it reads well, and, in fact, pretty much follows what some of us longer-term fans had speculated would be "Kildar #6", at least in broad outline. (according to the trope, though, the WMD should have been another bug...)